PHP Grows Business Websites

PHP grows business websites in 1 major, significant way, and it is a good idea for a business person with a business website to understand the results this web language can produce, weebo so he/she can direct the developer to leverage it for business advantage.

What is PHP?

PHP is a language. It was created by a gentleman in 1995, who created his own website. The language proved so useful in creating really neat websites, that people became interested in it, and is now a widely used, free language, leveraged for enhancing html code. The fact that it is open source, (you don’t have to pay to use it) is a tremendous bonus.

How Does PHP Grow Business Websites in One Significant Way?

PHP adds a more dynamic experience for your user or website visitor. Curious how this works? Read on.

Do You Want to Engage Your Web Visitors?

I hope the answer to that question is yes, and I’ll tell you why. Engaging your web visitors is important for a couple of reasons, the most important of which is that you want to stay ahead of the competition. Competition is tough, especially in the web world. You have about 3 seconds before a visitor clicks away from your website, so, livewebdir by engaging web visitors, you are adding teeth, or something for your visitors to chew on, and increasing the likelihood they will stay longer, leading to a purchase or other action, and a higher return on your investment. PHP is designed specifically for engaging web visitors by adding the dynamic, interactive features – or experience – necessary for higher chance of return on investment.

What Results Does PHP Produce?

PHP is specifically called a scripting language. Technically, it is either strewn throughout html, exists as “PHP islands,” dotted within the html code, or is an entire file by itself. PHP grows websites by adding dynamic features.

Without having to go in and change code manually, PHP scripting language is designed to make your life easier, working more for you via automation. PHP can enhance and give more power to your html. PHP is the first major step toward a great e-commerce website. Additional examples include:


  • increases the likelihood of user engagement in your business website, roidirectory causing them to stay longer on your site
  • makes your life easier by processing data and outputting user selections on a form
  • can change the background color of your website, depending on the time of day or night, a neat and simple little script, without anyone having to go into the code and change it by hand
  • can automatically display local date and time, a helpful little script, in some instances
  • scripts can protect user passwords from being displayed to anyone.

  • for the more geeky individuals, PHP can process functions, huntingtime variables and arrays, interact with databases, process and email data


If you want to enhance a business website, PHP is a very good choice. PHP grows websites by adding dynamic content. Dynamic content is important because it is the teeth that draws visitors into your website.


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