Design Thinking is Creativity Haute Couture

Forbes Magazine has identified ‘Design Thinking’ as The Big Trend in the new year.

Design thinking which is innovating via a structured analysis of specific challenges in a particular process or industry, is all about creating outcomes that serve one’s business, psicocentrofc customers and wider market in highest and best use fashion.

In other words, it’s not just a process of listing pros and cons and using majority rule to select a way forward, but rather laying a smorgasbord of possible options on the table regarding all facets of a process or industry to design out detrimental aspects and design in positives and value-added elements. The final outcome at any stage is not likely to be any one of the ideas put forth, forbes but is rather an amalgamation of several contributing factors that is designed to meet the needs and objectives as specified- perhaps for the most profit, or to offer best service to staff or customers, or to be recognized as the new thought leader in your industry, or to attract the very best applicants for hire, and so on.

Design Thinking is not just about design in the aesthetic sense, although the final solution is usually elegant in its simplicity, clarity and power to deliver on its promise. And that is beautiful. Instead, Design Thinking requires the ability to recognize multiple levels of multiple facets of any thinking focus, the ability to spot patterns, trends and behaviors- for better or worse, the willingness to grapple with a variety of viewpoints and sometimes conflicting objectives, access to and rigorous application of appropriate skillsets in ideation and problem solving, and tuning in to emergent possibilities as an individual or group seeks to design a viable outcome or solution to the stated thinking focus or issue.

Very often this process is best facilitated by a trained ‘creativity facilitator’ who can objectively wrestle and juggle both the facts and the lurking vested interests in movement toward the intended goals, meilleurscasino even while gaining and sustaining buy-in from the parties involved. For inherent in the process of Design Thinking is the possibility of outcomes far beyond those initially envisioned.


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