Cleaning Checklist: Basic Supplies for a College Student Renting an Apartment

My grandson is an incoming sophomore at a state university. This year, instead of living in a dorm, he and three buddies are renting an cleanupguys apartment near the campus. Though I don’t think the guys will be doing much cleaning, I think they will do some. How much cleaning depends, in part, on having cleaning supplies.

One of the guys is bringing a vacuum. For a short while he was a vacuum cleaner salesman and sold one to his cooperative parents. Hopefully, tossncook the vacuum will be used and not sit in a corner like sculpture.

Cleaning supplies continue to improve. Indeed, it can be difficult to keep up with new products on the market. To help out my grandson I’ve compiled a basic list of cleaning supplies. This list may help you. zmiiv

1 large bucket

1 small bucket (An ice cream bucket works well.)

Electrostatic dust mop

Large box of electrostatic mop refills

Large box of wet hoodpay cloths for the same mop

Electrostatic dusting wand (or four soft dusting cloths)

Electrostatic dusting wand refills

Spray dusting product like Endust

Disenfecting wipes for kitchen counter and bathroom surfaces

Toilet brush set (brush, stand, cleaning pads)

Toilet brush refills

Steel wool cleaning pads with soap in them

Stove top cleaner rnkhabri if needed

Spray cleaner for shower

Shower cleaning sponge (This sponte shouldn’t be used for anything else.)

Paper towels (Keep at least two on hand.)

Glass cleaner

Spot cleaner for carpet (The landlord will really appreciate this.)

College students may need some brief coaching on how to clean. These tips will help college students or a student keep the place spiffy.

1. Designate one shelf for cleaning supplies.

2. Vacuum carpets weekly, more if necessary.

3. Dust high items first and work your way down to lower ones.

4. Clean toilets and bathroom floor weekly. Rare movies on DVD

5. Wipe up kitchen floor spills immediately and mop weekly.

6. Use all cleaning products as directed.

7. Never mix cleaning products.

8. Be careful with products that contain ammonia and never inhale the fumes.

9. Clean a little each day to avoid “big cleanings.”

10. Watch for store specials on cleaning products.

It’s helpful to have a cleaning caddy, a plastic carrier with compartments and a handle. This caddy can easily be moved from room to room. A spray waxing product may also be helpful, but most students won’t have time to wax furniture.

Finally, I think parents and grandparents need to make it clear to students that keeping the apartment clean is a personal health issue. You don’t want to be inhaling dust or preparing food on dirty, contaminated surfaces. Students should watch for black mold build-up in the shower and spray it immediately if they see any.

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