An Introductory Guide to Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

Call of Duty stands out as the top-selling FPS franchise in the history of video gaming, bterapiaberles and has sold in excess of 60 million units worldwide. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 received many gaming accolades a couple of tears ago, and now its follow up Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will take the franchise to even greater heights. The single-player story carries on from the plot of MW2, where the Russian Federation invaded the United States of America. In MW3, the Russian Army has enlarged its attack strategy, and the campaign mode now includes missions in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. coloradowebimpressions

This game now offers the most advanced multiplayer in the franchise to date, and has numerous brand-new features and improvements. Modern Warfare 3 will have an innovative pointstreak reward system, a new weapon-progression system, several fresh multiplayer game modes and 16 maps included when the game is released. Including two Co-Op game modes, 40 weapons at your disposal, plus an enhanced game engine which runs at over 60 frames-per-second, this game sets a new level for first-person shooters. uniquenewsonline


Impressive Single Player – Fill the boots of several characters of different nationalities during the campaign mode, and battle the Russian Federation in varied destinations throughout the world, including England, France, Germany, Moscow, Dubai, Somalia and Sierra Leone. repcohome

Extensive Multi-Player Options – Offers the wide range of multiplayer options included in MW2, as well as a couple of completely new modes, Kill Confirmed and Team Defender. A new pointstreak reward system takes the place of the previous killstreak system, plus Modern Warfare 3 will include an innovative weapon-progression process. There are sixteen multiplayer maps at launch with more accessible at a later date as DLC. optimalremodel

New Co-Op Options – The new survival game mode puts two players up against wave after wave of progressively stronger enemies, in addition the Mission mode presents two gamers time-based in addition to objective-based quests to accomplish – you will find sixteen quests in total. Cooperative matches within Modern Warfare 3 may be enjoyed via local split-screen or online.

Breathtaking Visuals – The innovative game engine developed for MW3 will deliver ground-breaking visuals as well as character animation at a fantastic sixty fps.

Integration with Call of Duty: Elite – Modern Warfare 3 multi-player features an facility to link into Call of Duty: Elite, an exciting new Internet service to maintain a record of your multiplayer statistics and enables social-networking via Facebook. aslremodeling

Revamped Killstreak Reward System – Gamers will acquire ‘pointstreaks’ within multi-player which allow them to choose from 3 distinctive ‘strike packages’. The Assault strike package awards points to gamers for anything you kill and equipment destroyed, the second Support strike package awards points to gamers for meeting mission goals, and finally the Specialist package rewards players with perks rather than pointstreaks.

Innovative Weapon-Progression System – Each weapon accumulates its own experience points the longer you use it, that may be used to buy attachments in addition to ‘proficiency’ perks. Some example weapon attachments could include a laser sight as well as various scope options. Some ‘proficiency’ perks include Kick (reduced weapon recoil) and Focus (reduces flinch reflex when under fire). 7mgg

The official launch date for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is slated around 8th Nov, 2011, manguerose and will be sold on the following platforms: PC/Windows, PS3 as well as Xbox 360. The publisher for the game is Activision, and this video game was developed by Infinity Ward / Sledgehammer Games. Multi-player options are catered for in this game. The PEGI ranking specified for the video game will be PEGI 18, and will be thus appropriate for players 18 years as well as older.

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