Tips For Remodeling Your Kitchen

With the holidays just around the corner, the last thing you want to spend money on is a home modeling project. However, animeloved remodeling your kitchen might make your holidays just a bit more cheery without the leaky fridge, the oven that takes forever to heat up, or the cracked cabinet door you’ve been trying to hide. All these aspects and more can be accomplished without over-spending or cutting into your monthly budget. Follow these simple money saving tips for remodeling your kitchen this year.

Tip #1: Plan to Replace

Before undertaking any home makeover, bterapiaberles it’s important to be able to finance the remodeling project. Evaluate your kitchen, noting the aspects (big and small) that you’d like to change. From wood work, window treatments and door knobs to appliances, countertops and splashguards, chances are one or more of these aspects haven’t been updated in the last 5 years. Now is the time to change, before your family and friends arrive to celebrate the New Year.

Tip #2: Create a Budget

Before you begin any aspects of the makeover, be sure you have a more than adequate budget to handle the costs. Where are you going to find the extra dough to fund this new project? Consider cutting down on the daily luxuries such as coffee at the local café, fast food lunches and other unnecessary pit stops-they can add up quickly. Research and estimate how much each replacement will cost. Add an extra cushion to the budget in case you don’t like the replacements you purchased the first time.

Tip #3: Replace the Small Stuff

Oftentimes, simply replacing the cabinet hardware can instantly transform your kitchen. If you have white cabinet drawers and covers, consider installing a dark finish, such as oil rubbed bronze cabinet pulls. The contrast between dark and light is attractive, elegant and sleek. If you do decide to replace the drawer pulls, be sure to make the hardware match throughout the room-including locksets, door knobs and cabinet hinges.

Tip #4: Look to the Stars

Whether you’re entertaining a party of fifty or just cooking for a family of five, having updated appliances can make life a lot easier and save you money in simultaneously. If you’re looking to replace your refrigerator, dishwasher or oven, look for appliances with the Energy Star logo; these products are designed to provide optimal performance at just a fraction of the cost of typical older models.

Tip #4: Direct the Traffic

The holiday season means gathering loved ones together- but it doesn’t mean cramming everyone into one room. Establish and keep the traffic moving through the kitchen, not ending in the kitchen. Be sure there is adequate space between the counter tops, dishwasher and sink so that the chef or host of the party can juggle dishes and cooking without bumping into guests or children. For more info please visit these sites:-

Tip #5: Celebrate in Style

What’s a holiday party without decorations? Instead of rushing out to purchase expense decorations, look elsewhere first. Before you throw out that old soup can, consider creating a tin candle holder with the kids; just lightly tap holes into the sides and create unlimited decorations. Not only is this budget-friendly, but this is also a great way to involve your family.

If you’ve already received tons of holiday cards and do not want to throw them away, hang them with style. Cut a 12 inch piece of fabric or ribbon and hang on your kitchen door. Attach the cards one below another to showcase friends’ and families’ pictures this year.

Tip #6: Let it Shine in 2009

With these tips in mind, you and your loved ones can celebrate the season comfortably, without worrying that you’ve just spend a year’s worth of savings. So sit back and relax with family and friends and ring in 2009 with your newly designed, budget-friendly kitchen makeover.


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