Skinny Leopard Gecko – Why and How to Solve It

What is the reason why some hobbyist have skinny leopard gecko?

– Gecko’s may have internal infestation of parasites
– Intestinal blockage or impaction – depending on the type of substrate use
– Loss of appetite
– Weight loss
– Regurgitation or vomiting
– Infections
– Inappropriate temperature
– Abnormal stools
– Diarrhea
– Cryptosporidium or crypto

How to go about these dilemmas?

– A vet’s opinion should be sought in order to diagnose the cause and may be prescribed immediately with the proper antibiotic or treatment that your gecko needs.cryptoby

– If the cause of being skinny is due to impaction then change the substrate being used. Change the sand substrate to paper towels or the next feeding of your gecko should be done with the use of a shallow dish to inhibit direct contact to sand.

– Take a sample of your skinny leopard gecko feces and take it to the vet for observation in order to provide your geckos the appropriate medication and antibiotics.

– Provide your geckos the proper temperature they need. The appropriate temperature should be at 88-92 degrees Fahrenheit and for the cooler area with 70s on the upper part and 80s on the lower area. An under tank heater may also be used and cover 1/3 of the tank area. Make sure to raise the tank about ¼ to ½ inches above the stand to avoid the breaking of the glass. Place also a layer of newspapers or carpet on the area before placing the under tank heat source. A flat rock or tile may also be used which helps to distribute the heat fairly. amendedfirearm

– Crypto cause leopards to be skinny and lethargic and are absolutely fatal because this disease is contagious and are very hard to obliterate from the tank. Cryptosporidium is a parasite and may sometimes be found within the gastrointestinal tract not just in reptiles but also in humans and other species. A reptile may have orally consumed this parasite causing the spread in the intestine. Most healthy humans may survive unfortunately for reptiles who were infected die from it.

– Crypto ocysts may remain in the tanks for 18 months. If this is the result of your geckos substantial weight loss the best way to address this problem is to tear down the tank that had accommodated an infected reptile and meticulously wash everything with a 10% bleach wash. For more info please visit these sites:-

– Read information about how to care for geckos. The basic care details that are relevant in raising a healthy gecko include the following: Proper housing, appropriate substrate, accurate temperatures, ideal feeding habit and food, and how to effectively handle your pets.

With this information at hand, your skinny leopard gecko problems will definitely be addressed to immediately and hopefully regain its strength and health immediately. Keep your leopards vigorous and robust!


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