Tennis World History and Information About Tennis Tournaments

Tennis is a very popular game in the world of sports. This game is full of energy and excitement. Today, tennis which once was a restricted sport for Kings is a world-class competitive sport attracting millions of players and fans all around the world. There are a number of Tennis Tournaments held throughout the year, normzplumbing which keep all the tennis lovers updated and occupied.

The various types of matches that are played are Singles, Doubles, Mixed Doubles. Tennis is played as a team sport at the youth, high school, college, and amateur levels. Tennis Tournaments are always structured.

All about Tennis tournaments:

US Open Tennis: Men’s and Women’s Singles, Men’s and Women’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles, these five events make the US Open Tennis Tournament. In the beginning the US Open Tennis Tournament was played on the grass courts. The year 1978 once again saw the change in the courts. Now the US Open is played on Deco Turf hard courts. The hard court offers less friction so the bounce of the ball is low so the players who are better at the serve and volley do well on this surface.

Wimbledon: The Wimbledon Tennis Tournament started under the control of all England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club. Previously the venue of the tournament was a ground near Worple Road, Wimbledon. It took off in the year 1877 and men’s singles was the only tournament played in this tournament. Later on events like doubles and mixed doubles also became a part of the Wimbledon Tennis Championship.

Davis Cup: In1905, the event included a total of 6 nations viz. United States, Great Britain, Belgium, Austria, France and Australasia. Australia and New Zealand competed as Australasia till 1913. Over the years, the number of nations taking part in the Davis Cup Tennis Tournament went on increasing and in 2005; a record 134 countries sent their players to compete in the event.

Hopman Cup: The International Tennis Federation organizes Hopman cup. The eight participating teams are divided into two groups. Each group consists of 4 teams. Each team play against other three teams in its group in the Round-Robin format. However, all the teams play against each other. The top teams in each group play in the final to decide the winner. If any player is injured, tennis class Singapore then a player of lower ranking from the same nation participates in the tournament.

Masters Cup: The Masters Cup is not played in the straightforward knock-out format like other tournaments. The participating 8 players are divided into two groups. Each group includes four players. Every player plays against other three players in his group in three Round-Robin matches. Two successful players advance to the semifinals. The winners in the semifinals move forward to the final. The winner in the final is declared as the champion.


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